What are the age requirements for karate?
Children ages 13 to 17 can enroll in the karate program with parental sign-off.

When do your karate classes meet?
We offer karate on Monday through Thursday in the evenings. Click here to find out if our karate classes fit into your schedule.


What is Fitness Kickboxing?
Fitness kickboxing classes combines an aerobic workout with anaerobic (i.e., high intensity/short duration) exercises to maximize efficiency and results. We begin each fitness kickboxing class with a warm-up, amp it up with some bag work and body weight exercises, then wrap up class with partner drills and stretching.

Our Kickboxer Conditioning classes add resistance training and agility drills to build strength and make you quick on your feet.

Fitness kickboxing is one of the best workouts you can use to lose weight because of the number of calories burned in a session. Studies have shown kickboxing workouts to burn up to 800 calories an hour, which can be more than running, spinning, or using an elliptical machine.

What can I expect in the kickboxing classes?
You will work hard in this class. Bring a bottle of water, a towel, and protective gloves*. We work out on a martial arts training floor, so be prepared to be barefoot.

Men and women are welcome. We have quite a few male students who love our fitness kickboxing classes, as they tend to be similar to a circuit workout and not a dance-inspired workout. The only way to know if you’ll like it is to try it!

*Approved boxing gloves are required; contact is only made with heavy bags and hand targets.

Are your kickboxing classes only 30 minutes?
We don’t need to take up an entire hour of your time to give you an effective workout that will melt fat off your body. Our open sessions are only 30 minutes, and our members-only sessions are 40 minutes long. For more information on our kickboxing program, click here.

When do your kickboxing classes meet?
We offer fitness kickboxing five days a week, several times throughout each day. Click here to find out if our kickboxing classes fit into your schedule.

What are the age requirements for fitness kickboxing?
You must be at least 15½ years old to take this class with parental sign-off.

How often may I attend?
You can attend an unlimited number of our kickboxing classes for one low price, with NO down payment, NO contracts, and NO cancellation fees! Simply click here to get started.

How do I redeem my LivingSocial, Amazon Local, or Groupon voucher?
Simply click here and follow the directions.

What nutrition assistance do you offer?
We provide all of our members with a written meal plan. However, should you need further assistance or education, we offer supplementation plans and coaching to help guide you in the right direction.

General Questions

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