What is Kenpo Karate?

Kenpo Karate is a modern Self-Defense art. It is also a method of physical and mental conditioning. We teach physical skills which you can retain for a lifetime, as well as ways of thinking and dealing with everyday problems.

Every course of study we offer – from simple Self-Defense classes to intensive black belt work- share these qualities.

“Karate” is a Japanese term for a form of Self-Defense developed in China and India. Its origin and early history are lost in antiquity, but the art is at least 2,000 years old. Kenpo Karate is one of several Karate styles currently popular in the Western world. It features unusually fast hand and foot combinations intended for practical Self-Defense. It is realistic and employs sound logic and theoretical innovations not yet used by other systems. Kenpo Karate exercises are varied, easy to perform, and good for conditioning.

Although Kenpo is one of many schools of Self-Defense, there is no “pure” form of Karate and there never was one.

Different styles were founded by students who borrowed from their teachers and contributed their own ideas. And even though Kenpo Karate is quite modern, many of its ideas come from the classical Chinese. This is not because we wish to imitate the Chinese, but because the ideas are good.

What does Kenpo Karate offer?

The foundation of Kenpo is its Self-Defense value. This in turn builds confidence by giving you the ability to stand up to certain intimidation situations.

Learning and practicing Karate is a relaxing, enjoyable fitness. The training begins simply with learning to loosen up by stretching properly. It progresses to the level you feel comfortable with. Karate practice is great conditioning. You don’t need an special or expensive equipment; you can practice Karate at your convenience, in your home or at our Kenpo Karate movements develop coordination, increased strength, and flexibility. As with most arts, there is a wealth of knowledge that can be mastered, but it is easy to start learning and the benefits are immediate.