Burn fat and build lean muscle fast with fitness kickboxing. You will be amazed at how quickly you will see results from kicking and punching a heavy bag. Plus, it’s a great way to get rid of stress after a long day.
Our 30-minute kickboxing classes are specifically designed to give you an intense total-body workout that leaves you ready to hit the showers. These sessions include bag work and body weight work and are open to anyone who has attended an intro session, whether you are a member or are trying us out with an introductory special. You will accomplish more in a half hour at La Mesa Kickboxing Academy than you will in an hour in any other kickboxing class!
Members are given special access to our 40-minute Kickboxer Conditioning classes, which include bag work, body weight work, agility training, and resistance training.
Safety-approved boxing gloves are required. If you purchase our current introductory special, you will receive a FREE pair of gloves!
You must attend an introductory session before you take your first class so that you can complete all of the required paperwork, take a short lesson on kickboxing basics, and go over a few key things with us so you are ready to jump into the program and start kicking and punching your way to a better body.

La Mesa CA kickboxing class